The Twin-Screw Extruder Configuration Manager (WinTXU™), version 3.1, is a software package for the desig, visualization and documentation of modular twin-screw extruder configurations on personal computers. It provides graphic visualization of the extruder assembled by the user from a library of screw and barrel elements. The accurate  graphic representation allows designers to visualize the relative location of mixing sections, barrel openings, etc. It is particularly useful for providing documentation required for ISO certification. WinTXU includes a graphical, multiple document user interface for data input, drag and drop, etc. to build end edit the screw-barrel assembly. It involves extensive file handling (Saving, Printing, Exporting).

WinTXU has features beyond graphic layout of screw elements and barrel sections:

  • PRINT allows the configuration to be output as hardcopy
  • EXPORT sends a list of components as a text file, also sends the image for pasting into word processing documents or PowerPoint presentations
  • ANIMATION shows the screw in motion (and can be exported as an avi file too!)
  • INVENTORY feature alerts the user if there are not enough components on hand when designing a new screw configuration
  • PROCESSING CONDITIONS option allows all extruder operating conditions to be saved together with the screw configuration (feed rates/locations plus all extruder operating conditions), printed and/or exported. WinTXU is therefore a true "configuration manager", not just a drawing utility.

WinTXU currently has a database of over 100 extruder models, including APV B&P, Berstorff, Buhler, Century, Clextral, Coperion Werner & Pfleiderer, Davis Standard, Extricom, Farrel, Japan Steel Works, Leistritz, Maris, Prism, Rockstedt, Sino-Alloy, Theysohn, Toshiba... if your extruder is not in our database, we will add it !

WinTXU was featured in the article “Compounders look to simulation software for saving in time and costs” (external link) published in the March-April 2005 issue of Plastics Additives and Compounding, a technical magazine widely read by the polymer processing industrial community.

WinTXU has been commercially introduced in USA by PolyTech and has been adopted by polymer processing companies (e.g., Basell), food processing companies (e.g., General Mills), extruder and extruder parts makers (Century Extruders, Extricom), etc.

WinTXU was developed by Eduardo Canedo and Marco Dondero (PolyTech). For questions, comments and suggestions, or to obtain technical support, please contact TXS distributors:

In North America:

Extrusioneering International, Inc.
Tel +0 (973) 895 4088, Fax +0 (973) 895 4391.
In Europe:

Extricom GmbH
Tel +49 (0) 7133 9817- 0, Fax +49 (0) 7133 2 1587.